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We have worked closely with top examiners in the field. All associates have been interviewed and qualified as experienced and reputable.*  All examiners are Licensed in the State, and most are  members of professional organizations. Polygraph examiners with which we work must agree to high standards of performance and customer service.  Keep in mind however, that these are small businesses and sometimes there is a backlog or unusual business volumes. 

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A professionally conducted polygraph test can give the answers that you need to make an informed decision. A polygraph exam is known to be 90-95% accurate IF done correctly by a competent examiner.

Do not take your truth or deception issues to the lowest bidder.  Polygraph examination is a precise and technical procedure, not to be entrusted to someone who does it cheaply. 
Often times, we re-examine people who have been tested elsewhere.
"Peace of mind" is priceless!

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We are near Richardson Texas, and Telecom Corridor.

 PO Box 851981
Richardson,  Texas  75085

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*NOTICE and DISCLAIMER: We attempt to assist in the resolving of complaints as a preliminary mediator allowing a discourse of the parties. Although we have made efforts to screen and review the provider examiners, a referral from us does not constitute an endorsement of the provider nor guarantee of the service. In most cases, complaints that are not resolved can be made to the licensing board of the examiners in the state. You agree to hold us, Buyers' Group, and all associates thereto, free from all liability in any and all cases whatsoever. In any case, our liability shall be limited to the price of the service, and shall first be due from the provider of the service before any additional claims may be made. The service herein  is a referral service. The state in which the provider operates may have additional trade and commerce laws regarding sellers of a service. This offer is not valid in any location or state or place in which such offer is prohibited.

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