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"This is just what I needed. I was tired of the denials that something was going on. When he flunked, I knew my intuitions had been right.  It was sad, but not near as sad as wasting more years on this man who lied so much. If he had not lied repeatedly, we might have worked it out."

Security Company
"I have been using the polygraph company you referred us to with great results in screening for better employees. Now we hire with confidence."

Falsely Accused
Thank God, I was able to prove the girl was lying, that it wasn't me who touched her. Without this to back me up, along with good legal help, I would have been serving 10 to 20 years.

Famous Large Department Store
"We had embezzlement problems, which a lie detector test helped us prove. This was exactly what we needed"

*Due to confidentiality and privacy laws, we can not reveal the names of the parties.  You may rest assured that we do not reveal the results of exams to anyone other than those whom you may or may not designate from the exam.