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Large Restaurant "We found the reliable polygraph company we needed to help us track down an $8,000 cash drawer theft when one other employee knew who had done the inside job.

A Wife "I am so glad I went ahead and got the confirmation that my husband was telling the truth. I just needed that confirmation to renew my trust."

Polygraph "Lie Detector" testing - a quick, great resource to learn the truth.  Polygraphs are about 85% to 95% accurate.

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Don't put it off. Prove your truthfulness or find out if your suspicions are right.  
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Typically $50 to $100 Deposit (Some Metro Areas may be more (LA, NYC, etc.) to the examiner, with a $30 Appointment Fee.

For: Individuals, Couples, Families, Businesses, Organizations, Law Enforcement, Legal Matters Contact Us

The fastest confirmation of truth or lies for:
Criminal Cases
Cheating Spouse or Lover
Insurance Disputes
Applicant Screening
Civil Cases and Accidents
Family Disputes
False Accusations
Employee Theft or Embezzlement
Security Personnel Screening

Don't be frustrated with doubts. Get on with your life.
Just tell us about your issue and your location.
We'll have an examiner talk with you if we have one in a city near you.

If you have questions .. we can help.
For most questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions
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Based on decades of experience.

No obligation to continue if you change your mind. However, you will lose your deposit.

Employers: Missing items, products, cash within any business is a constant problem and “employee theft” is usually the culprit. As part of your on-going investigation when you have an economic loss, polygraph can often clear loyal staff, resolve the issue, encourage restitution and provide the rest of the story.

Business Executives and Lawyers: If you are an employer or attorney and suspect that your client or employee is lying to you, avoid a large cost or mistake by using a polygraph.

Spouses, Lovers, Couple: The feeling that someone you care about is lying to you can be un-nerving and painful.  The costs of years of a bad relationship can be huge compared to the cost of a polygraph.

Family Disputes:  Maybe your relative or family member needs evidence that what you learned about someone else is true. (This may also require the help of an investigator, if a complex case.)

Falsely Accused:  If you are falsely accused, there is likely no better way to create doubt in the mind of the accuser, especially if the accuser is law enforcement. The D.A. does not want to take on a case they might lose. However, seek legal advice for legal matters.

When you have a problem, get outside help and ideas. Don't keep banging your head. Get help with your difficult situation.

Do not use the cheapest bidder for your truth or deception issues.  Polygraph examination is a precise and technical procedure, not to be entrusted to the lowest bidder.  Don't ruin your life over a cheaper price difference.  

For other Matters of Truth and Justice, Family relations or complex cases, contact our other divisions:

Top Investigators Directory  The assistance you need in your area. Don't pick just any investigator. 

Top Lawyers Directory   Don't take any chances in this area. You better find the best lawyer and learn to handle a lawyer properly.

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Helpful Information regarding serious accusations of possible crimes or child abuse.

Accused: Do I need a lawyer? -- Accuser: Should I really do this?
What if I'm accused and possibly guilty? (Generally, YOU have to decide when and if you should hire a Lawyer.)

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